AeroCore Testing Services

The AeroCore Inhalation Testing Research Facility provides aerosol/vapor exposure in rodent animal models for the purpose of testing the safety and efficacy of inhaled materials in aerodigestive research and toxicology. AeroCore utlizes the vast experience of multiple university experts in human and animal surgery, clinical trials, and regional drug and device delivery (e.g. bronchiole nanoparticles) to provide innovatative solutions in drug and device development as well as respiratory toxicology.

Streamlined Services

AeroCore is streamlined to provide a compressed time-line of services from initial contact to project completion. The services are comprehensive to include animal protocol approval (IACUC), handling chemicals of unknown safety, project execution, analytical support, written protocols and documented results with minimal contract negotiation time.

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The AeroCore Inhalation Research Facility has everything in house to move your inhalation research to the next phase. Contact us to explore ideas!

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  • Laboratory Manager: Beverly Wuertz
  • Phone 612-625-3090

AeroCore is set up as an Internal/External Sales Organization within the University of Minnesota Department of Otolaryngology. The services are available as cafeteria-like options with a pre-approved cost structure. 

AeroCore Leadership

Director - Frank Ondrey, M.D., PhD, FACS, is a practicing physician and actively involved in the prevention and treatment of respiratory and head and neck cancers. As part of his focus on translational medicine, he has specific expertise in aerodigestive chemoprevention, drug delivery, the identification and validation of aerodigestive biomarkers, and microsurgical techniques.