Giving to the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery

At the University of Minnesota, we believe that with your support anything is possible. Medical discoveries can transform lives and create a healthier future. The University of Minnesota has a long history of pioneering research and treatments, and the Department of Otolaryngology is part of that tradition of innovation.

It is through the support of our donors and alumni that we are able to achieve this level of success.

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How to give

  • Follow the give tab at the top of this page to donate to the Otolaryngology Fund.
  • Visit the University of Minnesota Foundation & search for Otolaryngology to designate your gift to a specific program.

Featured Funds

  • George L. Adams Head & Neck Cancer Fund
    Gifts to the George L. Adams Head & Neck Cancer Fund will be used to develop educational opportunities in Head & Neck Cancer that will honor the memory and contributions of Dr. Adams.  For instance, this fund supports an annual lectureship in Dr. Adams’ name that focuses on innovations in the care of head & neck cancer patients.
  • Otolaryngology Resident Research & Education Fund
    Gifts to the Otolaryngology Resident Research & Education Fund support the scientific and educational endeavors of our residents. The discoveries made by the work done here at the University of Minnesota will lead to substantive improvements in the care patients receive around the world in the field of Otolaryngology.
  • Otolaryngology Alumni Fund
    Gifts to the Otolaryngology Alumni Fund support special projects for our residents and alumni.  These gifts have been invaluable in providing our residents with educational opportunities, including attendance at scientific meetings and purchase of research supplies. We are very interested in learning which additional programs alumni would like to support with this fund. Please contact Teri Wolner,, with questions or suggestions.
  • Otolaryngology Head & Neck Cancer Support Group Fund
    Gifts to the Otolaryngology Head & Neck Cancer Support Group Fund support initiatives to provide comprehensive cancer care for head and neck cancer patients, such as the Oral Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Conference.

Donors may designate gifts of any size to the program or fund they wish to support–including the Department of Otolaryngology.


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